How does Santa Claus manage to collect and process millions of wish lists? – A customer story from the North Pole Laboratory

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Santa has to ensure that no wish list gets lost on the way to the North Pole Laboratory. There, the wish lists have to be processed quickly.
Our solution:
TriCollect offers a secure, sustainable transport concept that streamlines the wish list reception area.
Little Tim has written many wish lists again. He puts them in the rack box that Santa Claus brought him last Christmas. Tim’s wishes are safe in the rack box. The patented concept prevents the loss of his wish lists. The doorbell rings and the wish list courier collects Tim’s rack box. The courier puts the wishes in the collection box to the wishes of the other children.
The courier hands the collection boxes over to the North Pole Laboratory. The staff is happy that they don’t have to unpack plastic bags anymore. Instead wish lists can be processed directly which saves a lot of time. Alternatively, the wish lists can be placed into the ATRAS for an automated registration and sorting.
Thanks to TriCollect, millions of wish lists are transported safely and sustainably to the North Pole Laboratory. There, the staff doesn’t have to unpack plastic bags and the wish lists can be processed immediately. The Christmas celebrations are saved!
Among the wishes, there is a very special one: A laboratory also wants to have such a sustainable transport system. A wish that Santa Claus forwards directly to his reliable partner T&O LabSystems.
T&O will be happy to fulfill your wishes, too! Just write to Santa Claus, or directly to us!