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With the help of ATRAS you can make your laboratory processes more efficient and increase your process reliability in preanalytics.


After arrival in the laboratory, the sample tubes are simply loaded into the hopper of the ATRAS.

Afterwards, the tubes are separated, registered, and sorted into the appropriate bins or racks.

The simple handling of the ATRAS and the automated sample registration considerably reduces the workload of the staff.


The modular design of the ATRAS enables a flexible adaptation to the laboratory processes as required.

Bulk and rack modules can be combined arbitrarily in one system.

The sorting rules can be setup according to the individual workflow requirements of the laboratory.

In addition to the registration of samples, the ATRAS optimizes subsequent processes through intelligent presorting, such as processes in the hematology.


The precise and reliable handling of sample tubes of the ATRAS generates a high throughput.

A plausibility check through the detection of the tube type and the comparison with the corresponding material identification improves the process assurance. Incorrect samples are detected early and sorted out before they enter the analytical process.

Due to the early time stamp at sample receipt the tubes can be traced back through the entire laboratory process.


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All sample tubes are registered in real time. Samples in question (SIQ) are detected and sorted out early. This is done quickly and reliably so that the staff are relieved of manual tasks.






% Uptime


The ATRAS offers bulk loading and sorting for a cost effective optimization of the sample reception area and other work areas. Each ATRAS is characterized by a clear structure, intuitive, easy to use operation and low maintenance. As a modular system, the ATRAS offers 26 configurations, thus providing fully customized solutions for individual workflows.

  • Continuous loading of samples in bulk
  • Loading of STAT samples
  • Registration of samples
  • Identification of tube dimension
  • Cap color identification with CapIdent
  • Sorting of samples to bulk and into racks or centrifuge buckets
  • Connection of intelligent transportation system InTrac to ATRAS
  • Easy setup of sorting rules and tube types for cap color identification
  • Touchscreen with intuitive user interface for easy and simple operations
  • Bi-directional LIS connection
  • Archiving of closed sample tubes


ATRAS InTrac Inlet

InTrac Inlet

After unpacking, closed sample tubes are simply placed on InTrac and transported to the ATRAS for registration and sorting.

  • Simple handling
  • Continuos feeding of ATRAS for an early time stamp
  • Continuous sample flow starting at the sample reception
  • Reduction of walking distances
ATRAS Base Unit

Base Unit

Manually or via an InTrac Inlet, samples can be loaded continuously into the spacious hopper of the ATRAS. An integrated pane ensures a registration according to the FIFO concept.

  • Capacity of up to 800 tubes
  • Loading of STAT samples
  • Registration of samples
  • Identification of tube dimension via a high performance barcode scanner
  • Highly reliable cap color identification with CapIdent due to in-house developed spectrometer
  • Continuous loading of samples
  • Status LED for a fast and easy visual check of the operational status
  • Touchscreen with intuitive user interface for easy and simple operations
ATRAS Bulk Output

Bulk Output

After registration, samples are sorted into defined target bins as bulk. Sorting is based on costumer-defined rules using cap-color and/or barcode information or LIS-transmitted rules.

  • Each bin has a capacity of up to 200 tubes
  • Removal of bins at any time possible while ATRAS keeps on running
  • Number of tubes is counted for each bin
  • Light barriers protect bins against over filling
  • Wipers gently guide tubes into target bin
ATRAS Bulk Output
ATRAS Rack & Bulk Output

Rack & Bulk Output

Registered samples are sorted into costumer-defined racks or centrifuge buckets on a small footprint. In addition, this module comes with three target bins for sorting of tubes as bulk.

  • High throughput of approx. 1,300 tubes/hr for tubes sorted into racks
  • Each module is equipped with a display for easy operation and status overview
  • Easy access of all racks independent from their position in the rack area due to the new drawer
  • Result record after final tube placement in rack
  • Specific LOG for each RS2 Rack & Bulk Output module
  • Barcode alignment of tubes within a rack
  • Easy serviceability

SIQ bin

Samples in question (SIQ) are sorted into the external SIQ bin. The samples can be picked up easily for further investigations. The SIQ bin is removed when using the InTrac Outlet connection. In this case, samples in question are routed to a defined bulk target bin instead.

ATRAS InTrac Outlet

InTrac Outlet

After registration, closed sample tubes are transported to the following work area in the laboratory or to another ATRAS for further processing.

  • Continuous sample flow to the next work area
  • Reduction of walking distances
  • Connectivity to other ATRAS systems
  • Barrier-free distribution of tubes throughout the whole laboratory
  • Overcoming of height differences

Selected features and highlights


🎉We are the Champions!🎉

🎉We are the Champions!🎉

The ATRAS of the 4th generation is now a proud recipient of the iF Design Award 2024 in Gold in the category of Medicine/Health! We were able to prevail with our ATRAS against around 11,000 other products from 72 different countries and are one of 75 winners! In other...

🚀 Our evolution for your revolution! 🚀

🚀 Our evolution for your revolution! 🚀

We continuously improve our 4th generation ATRAS to revolutionize your everyday work. Equipped with numerous features, it now boasts two new highlights: 1️⃣ Piston detection – Faulty samples drawn? Not with the ATRAS! It quickly identifies insufficiently drawn...

Spotlight on: ⚡️The Racksorter!⚡️

Spotlight on: ⚡️The Racksorter!⚡️

A footprint as small as a typical washing machine and just as indispensable for (laboratory) everyday life: The Racksorter combines sorting into racks, centrifuge buckets, and target bins. Most important❗️ ➡️ Customizable rack configuration➡️ Up to 3 modules in an...


With the ATRAS TS you can automate the sample reception area of your laboratory on a very small footprint. The automated registration and sorting of sample tubes by means of barcode and cap color increases process reliability and reduces turn-around times (TAT). The ATRAS TS offers simple, flexible, and reliable operations.

  • Compact design, low space requirement
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Throughput: approx. 1500 samples/h
  • All common sample tubes
  • Cap color detection
  • Connection to your laboratory software
  • 6 target bins + SIQ bin for samples in question

Your Workflow – Your ATRAS

The ATRAS family, together with the intelligent transportation system InTrac, can be used in a number of different scenarios. In each scenario, the solutions from T&O LabSystems provide significant workflow improvements, thus reducing time and enhancing efficiency and process quality. Some scenarios are displayed below in more detail.


Automated registration and sorting

Automated registration and sorting

The ATRAS optimizes the processes in the sample reception area efficient and cost-effective. Sample tubes are loaded in bulk and are promptly registered and sorted by means of their barcode and cap color into target bins.

  • Throughput: approx. 3,000 samples/h
  • All common sample tubes
  • Avoidance of manual errors
  • Early time stamp
Configurable registration and sorting

Configurable registration and sorting

The combination of sorting to bulk and racks, together with the connectivity of InTrac provides a high degree of automation on a small footprint.

  • Optimization of subsequent processes
  • Sorting into customer-specific racks and centrifuge buckets
  • Continuous distribution of tubes via InTrac to the next work area
Compact registration and sorting

Compact registration and sorting

The ATRAS TS organizes the sample reception area on a footprint of only 0.4 m².

  • Automated registration and sorting of all common sample tubes as bulk
  • Continuous loading of the ATRAS TS by InTrac Inlet (available soon)
Process optimization of individual work areas - example hematology

Process optimization of individual work areas – hematology example

The ATRAS optimizes the workflow in the hematology area by sub-distribution of samples.

  • Sorting into costumer-specific racks
  • Workflow optimization
  • Continuous loading of ATRAS by InTrac Inlet