Thanks to the innovative combination of an InTrac Inlet that continuously feeds the ATRAS sorter with samples, the MVZ Labor Münster has gained more than 30 minutes from the samples’ arrival in the laboratory until registration.

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Not least due to the Corona pandemic, the MVZ Labor Münster is experiencing a sharp increase in barcoded and order-entry samples. The laboratory is seizing this challenge as an opportunity to further automate the sample reception by utilizing the full potential of order-entry samples.

The goal is to reduce the hands-on time and improve sample flow. For this purpose, the modular ATRAS system offers the laboratory a customized solution. Based on a needs analysis together with T&O LabSystems, the laboratory decided to extent their ATRAS portfolio. A modular ATRAS with InTrac Inlet was added next to the ATRAS TS benchtop sorter in the sample reception area. While the ATRAS TS is used to register and sort barcoded samples that are not order-entry, the order-entry samples now run exclusively through the ATRAS with InTrac Inlet. After unpacking, closed sample tubes are simply placed on the intelligent transport system InTrac which directly transports them into ATRAS. There, the samples are registered and sorted into bulk bins according to the MVZ Labor Münster’s defined sorting rules.

Increasing the degree of automation in the sample reception area was a full success. The employees enjoy working with the new solution and the laboratory was able to reduce the time from the samples’ arrival until registration by more than 30 minutes.