At the EuroMedLab 2022 in Munich, we presented you our automation solutions for sample logistics in preanalytics. Follow the tube to experience ATRAS, InTrac and TriCollect as well as their synergy in the different work areas of a medical laboratory.


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InTrac – Seamless transportation of closed tubes
InTrac is an innovative and cost-efficient solution for the continuous distribution of closed sample tubes in the entire laboratory as well as in phlebotomy. Simply place tubes on InTrac where they are automatically transported to the ATRAS, other automation solutions or the next work station. Create with InTrac a continuous workflow in your laboratory and reduce walking-distances. The intelligent transportation system is a customizable solution that distributes your samples through walls, over obstacles and to different floors.

ATRAS – Registration and Sorting into bulk bins, racks and centrifuge buckets
The ATRAS series provides best in class bulk registration and sorting and offers cost-efficient workflow optimization for sample reception as well as work areas. With a throughput of approx. 3,000 samples/hr, the ATRAS is capable to easily manage high workloads. As a modular system, the ATRAS offers numerous output configurations for sorting into bulk bins, racks and centrifuge buckets.

TriCollect – The clever solution that avoids plastic waste
Only briefly seen in the video was TriCollect – a coherent concept for transporting samples from the sender to the laboratory while completely avoiding plastic waste. The interaction of rack box, collection box and transport box guarantees safety and economy. The processes are simple and in accordance with UN 3373.