A footprint as small as a typical washing machine and just as indispensable for (laboratory) everyday life: The Racksorter combines sorting into racks, centrifuge buckets, and target bins.
Most important❗️

➡️ Customizable rack configuration
➡️ Up to 3 modules in an ATRAS system
➡️ 3 modules on an area of just 1.2 m²
➡️ 1 module on an area 600 x 675 mm
➡️ High throughput of approx. 3,000 samples/hr possible

What’s new❓
➡️ 30% increase in throughput: Now, 1 module processes approx. 1,300 samples/hr.
⭐️ Relieve employees, ⭐️ reduce manual errors, and benefit from ⭐️ fast bulk-to-rack sorting! Find out everything about the Racksorter 📲

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