Covid-19 is currently setting the agenda for many laboratories.

The Challenge

The increasing volume of PCR samples for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 and the manual registration of samples represent significant challenges for many laboratories.


Our Solution

T&O LabSystems offers an automated and cost-effective solution for

the sample reception. The ATRAS and ATRAS TS instruments enable fast and easy registration of compatible PCR samples.


As a compact solution with a small footprint, the ATRAS TS meets all requirements for the registration and sorting of samples with simultaneous plausibility check.


The bigger “brother” ATRAS has a higher throughput and can be expanded if required.


The ATRAS and ATRAS TS are continuously loaded via the bulk input. The samples are then registered by means of a barcode scanner. A plausibility check is carried out automatically. Samples in questions are detected and rejected. The registered samples are sorted into predefined target bins and can be taken out at any time without interrupting the workflow.



The ATRAS allows fast and error-free sample registration. This relieves the employees and they can perform other qualified tasks. The ATRAS can easily handle and possibly increase the number of samples sorted in the future.


Installation and User Training

The installation of the ATRAS is carried out by T&O. After a short on-site training, the ATRAS can be taken into use immediately. Independent from the connection to the LIS, the ATRAS can also sort the samples based on the cap color and/or barcode suffix..


Purchase or Rent

In addition to purchasing, T&O also offers an attractive rental service with a minimum term of 2 years.



All relevant information about the use of the ATRAS and ATRAS TS is summarized in a data sheet.


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